Conversare – underpinning principles and values

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Conversare is for people who wish to open up their lives. People who recognise that these novel events are an enjoyable and intriguing way of doing this, whatever their stage of life. These are adventurous spirits who recognise that this interesting new way of socialising could be a step into the unknown, being different from how they usually relate to the world around them and with the potential to have unexpected outcomes. Conversare events are designed to provide invigorating and enjoyable experiencing for all participants through interacting with people they have not met previously. While it might at first sight this could...

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Conversare – currently in holding position in the Adelaide Central Market while moving along elsewhere

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As mentioned recently Conversare in the Market is in abeyance for the moment while alternative promotional  approaches are being considered. For there appears to be two ‘spirit of the times’ at play.  One is the ever present desire to connect deeply with others – including strangers  - as in times before security guards came on the scene. This spirit may be thought of as described here: "The mood [in my local café] among the customers was unusually good humoured. As I stood there, enjoying the pastry smells and the friendliness of the place, I felt that I had stepped into a generous little...

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Conversare – having a rethink in the Market, with an offer on hosting and a request for input on promotion

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Conversare in the Market is in abeyance for the foreseeable future. This arises from there being few bookings of late. While ‘curious’ this is perhaps not surprising give the Christmas and January holiday breaks followed by ‘Mad March’ here given over to the Adelaide Festival of the Arts and the Adelaide Fringe. And so it’s back to the drawing board, in conjunction with the office of the General Manager of the Adelaide Central Market. With the thought that our promotion may need ‘tweaking’. With the thought too that if this experimental project in this venue does not prove to be a ‘goer’...

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Conversare – for an adventure in being transformed through meeting new people

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For next Conversare in the Market events in March and April see  here. And for a brief reminder of the purpose of Conversare see here.   To readers all around our little planet, 3rd from the sun (smile) This post is essentially about the practicalities of coming along to participate in, together with associated benefits arising from, a Conversare (pronounced conversari) event. Named from the Latin con versare – to turn or to dance together. There are also what may be called ‘philosophical musings’ which you could also find of value.  For together they may be seen as counter to the language and feelings...

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Conversare – some grounded, some high flying perspectives of a grand experiment

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  For bookings at events at the Market and in the Fringe at Sarah's Sisters Sustainable Cafe in Semaphore go to Forthcoming Events.   If you are new to the ideas which underpin this way of coming together to have conversations in public places - a new kind of social gathering - have a look at : Conversare – What it is and Feedback from previous participants. And this podcast of a Conversare style dinner on the opening night of a conference  in Manila a few weeks ago. ... for an inkling of something that you could find enriching and enjoyable. <smile>   Grounded What pleasures could be in...

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