Conversare – seeing and experiencing is believing

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Do you sense that people from any background coming  together at a hosted event to have a meal with a stranger in a place in which everyone treats each other with respect -  and everybody present participates fully -  is an idea whose time has come? For just what this novel and enjoyable way of socialising looks like, with strong support for it from the management of a place where it is now well under way, see this brief documentary. Interesting? Looks to be enjoyable? People having lively face to face (f2f)  conversations? Somewhat different from ‘insubstantial Facebook connectivity’? An adventure? What about...

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Conversare – Make Conversation great again

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Do you sense a familiar ring about this title?  <smile> It does suggest that we have lost something. And that we humans have more connection to loss then potential gain. It is also aspirational. We all want to be better, or to make our connections better. Do you ever think that what is really missing in your life is deep and meaningful – and enjoyable and fun – conversation? Here’s what this post could have been entitled: Conversare - To experience rich conversation in safe, welcoming places Perhaps this ‘naming’ and these ‘reminders’ below will bring this to your consciousness and enable you to better appreciate...

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Conversare – we are all in this together

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See here for forthcoming Conversare in the Market events. Everybody who feels that they are eligible for a concession ticket is welcome to have one. You like minded spirits who follow this blog will likely appreciate that the new kind of dining events in the Adelaide Central Market at night are proving to be both popular and highly enjoyable.  And understand why several ‘stalwarts’ choose  to keep returning  for more! For you who are are new to this site, see here for just what Conversare is. From this you may come to recognise both what happens when all who come mix freely...

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Conversare – places and process

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For what Conversare is see here.   Here are two components of Conversare events which you may find interesting and wish to explore. These are the places in which they are held and the essence of the way in which participants engage with each other. (See here for forthcoming Conversare in the Market events) The places At first glance they do not have an appearance of anything unusual. And yet they may be considered as something special. For among their characteristics is that they are public places, on neutral ground which means that anybody who comes to them is welcome. Another element is that in them...

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Conversare matters – two stories

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For what Conversare is see here. To book places in next Conversare in the Market events  see Forthcoming Events   Here's a bit of fun! To do with two stories related to what is now evolving with Conversare. Which, if they touch a chord in you, may prompt you to act in ways outlined below. The first is about encounters with a person who happens to be in town at present as a star performer in the Adelaide Fringe. The second relates to an outcome of an opportunity taken to submit a question in a session called ‘What’s love got to go with it’? which...

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