Conversare – perspectives and related observations

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In my observations the prospect of spending time conversing with a stranger in a context designed to do this evokes two main responses. “What a good idea! Please put me on the list to let me know when this will be happening.” “I wouldn’t dream of coming to something like that as I would feel too uncomfortable. Speaking with people I know is fine but with someone I don’t – no!” And yet who hasn’t had such opportunities, perhaps when travelling, particularly when flying? Do you have fond memories of this when you happened to engage with the person next to you in...

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Conversare – special features which nourish the spirit

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Here are several items which may intrigue and inspire you about Conversare events. See below too.* 1. The kind of experience to be had in these lively one to one, face-to-face gatherings, as expressed in these voices of insight down the ages? “In my opinion, the most fruitful and natural play of the mind is in conversation. I find it sweeter than any other action in life; and if I were forced to choose, I think I would rather lose my sight than my hearing and voice. The study of books is a drowsy and feeble exercise which does not warm you...

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Conversare – an answer to many peoples’ queries, wants and needs

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For those not familiar with the nature of these new kind of social events have a look at Conversare – what it is. Here are comments and queries which have recently come to my attention: . Lately I'm noticing that people are absolutely starved for genuine connection with other humans. Or, so it seems... . The author James Salter, who died recently, wrote a book with his wife Kay entitled ‘Life and Meals’. In this they emphasised that the enjoyment of a meal comes from not just the food, but the company, the ambience and the conversation. . Are there social gatherings in...

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Conversare – some underpinning principles and values

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Conversare is for people who wish to open up their lives. People who recognise that these novel events are an exciting and intriguing way of doing this, whatever their stage of life. These are adventurous spirits who recognise that this new way of socialising could be a step into the unknown, being different from how they usually relate to the world around them - and with the potential to have unexpected outcomes. Conversare events are designed to provide invigorating and enjoyable experiencing for all participants. While it might at first sight they could seem to be a little risky, you would no...

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Conversare: face to face interaction in contexts which may be regarded as ‘unusual’ – initially

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“Those seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” I wonder if you may come see how this idea relates to the contexts outlined below? For Conversare events in which the core activity is to have a meal with a stranger is seemingly counter to our usual ways of socialising - which are mainly with people we already know such as family and friends. And it is quite different from what is now commonplace, communicating largely virtually. The very idea of taking time out to engage with someone you don’t know purely for the experience of...

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