Conversare and ‘rethinking love’

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The original idea of having gatherings of people who may not know each other in public places, with a host to do the welcoming and to set the scene, was mainly for social purposes. The first of these were held in Hong Kong which is a place in which it is very difficult to meet new people outside of the particular domain in which you work, such as business, health, education, government … The format proved popular for this purpose and many participants reportedly enjoyed the events and some went on to establish wider friendships. For whenever they happened to bump into...

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Engaging well with people with whom you have not ever had a conversation

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Followers of this blog may appreciate that its focus has been on contexts in which people converse with others who they have not have ever met and may not do again. My purpose in convening such gatherings in public places, starting in Hong Kong and then periodically in Adelaide, where I now live, is to provide opportunities for  whoever comes to have enjoyable experiences. And behind and beyond this to become more conscious of just what conversing is – and does. To enable participants to be aware of how different our personal lives and that of people we encounter can be...

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Speaking to human beings

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I wish to bring two key ideas to your attention. Actually it is one seminal idea! I’ll introduce the first, about conversation being a dance, in this post and address how it is also part of the second in my next, abw (all being well). These are both integral to the way of socialising, called Conversare, in which the essence is to have gatherings in public places in which all present have the opportunity to have a meal with a stranger. Why would anyone do this? Many people have told me that this is last thing on earth they would want to do!...

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Conversare – an experience of treating anyone we meet with respect

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Do we treat people with respect to produce a desired result? Hopefully not! We do this as a way of being in which we recognise the intrinsic value of everyone we encounter. And to keep in mind that whenever we treat someone  well something good happens. When I mention this to people they usually agree, sometimes with a proviso of “Yes, but …” I put it to you that this always happens! See for yourself by doing. <smile> Here are examples of what the 'good' could be:            With acknowledgments to Michael Leunig, much loved and admired Australian cartoonist Can  you see others possibilities in a similar...

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What if there was general awareness of these underpinnings of our way of human becoming on our little planet?

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Here are my musings on the underpinnings of the potential of human encountering. What could happen if they were stated explicitly, or even subliminally, in gatherings of diverse kinds ? And became integral to widespread awareness? . Our place in the galaxy Harrell Graham. 1985   . Our perception of earth taken by astronauts who went to the moon  "Once a photograph of the Earth, taken from outside, is available ... a new idea as powerful as any in history will be let loose." Fred Hoyle, Astronomer. 1948 See:   . The wellspring of wholesomeness happenings in human life The perfect technology. Michael Leunig   . The foundation of wholesome gatherings...

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