Conversare – coming together

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In this post I touch briefly on two issues that have recently come to my attention in relation to Conversare and what underlies it. For they are about the natural human craving we have for close personal contact, how elusive this can be and steps people take to find it. “That feeling that we're all searching for isn't about material wealth, about the acquisition of things. It's about being connected with other human beings. That is the essence of humanity." Bill Mosher, producer of public television's "Visionaries" Also about how such longing to open up their lives can be experienced from participating in...

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Conversare – essences and explorations

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Becoming ever clearer to me and my associates is that there are diverse essences and associated experiences in – and implications of - Conversare ‘to turn or to dance together’ events. These can be distilled into the excitement of being enlightened, exhilarated and even enlarged by the sheer enjoyment of being thoroughly engaged in enlivening conversation. In which everyone present is a full participant, everyone gives of themselves to be immersed in ‘the dance’. How does that sound to you? Does something deep inside you resonate with these thoughts? More practically <smile> is that Converare has been well explained, in this way: “It provides...

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Conversare – beyond and ahead

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“You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” “Conversation is the greatest of the arts.” Both from Buckminster Fuller During the month of July 2016 I have been away from Adelaide, spending time in Hong Kong, England and France. In each of these I have had experiences of, and/or had insights into, the potential value of a Conversare kind of social event to bring about wholesome changes on how people relate to each other. And have connected to key people who appreciate that purpose, place - and associated context - are critical...

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Conversare – seeing and experiencing is believing

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Do you sense that people from any background coming  together at a hosted event to have a meal with a stranger in a place in which everyone treats each other with respect -  and everybody present participates fully -  is an idea whose time has come? For just what this novel and enjoyable way of socialising looks like, with strong support for it from the management of a place where it is now well under way, see this brief documentary. Interesting? Looks to be enjoyable? People having lively face to face (f2f)  conversations? Somewhat different from ‘insubstantial Facebook connectivity’? An adventure? What about...

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Conversare – Make Conversation great again

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Do you sense a familiar ring about this title?  <smile> It does suggest that we have lost something. And that we humans have more connection to lose than potential gain. It is also aspirational. We all want to be better, or to make our connections better. Do you ever think that what is really missing in your life is deep and meaningful – and enjoyable and fun – conversation? Here’s what this post could have been entitled: Conversare - To experience rich conversation in safe, welcoming places Perhaps this ‘naming’ and these ‘reminders’ below will bring this to your consciousness and enable you to better appreciate...

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