Conversare – empathy experienced

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  This note is written in a context of chaos – at least this is how it feels to me. Our house is full of cardboard boxes scavenged locally for the purpose of packing up our worldly goods to transport them to our new home in a couple of days time. For we are moving out of the CBD (central business district) of Adelaide where we having been living since our return from six happy years based in Hong Kong in 2011. And going to a suburb called Semaphore which is by the seaside. In the midst of this Christmas day was...

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Conversare – an opportunity to give of ourselves, thoughtfully

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In my previous post. I touched on the fact that loneliness is reportedly widespread in modern urban life. Some of this, I contend, can be attributed to people having poor conversational skills. By this I mean that the ability to engage in ways which show genuine interest in ‘the other’ is not well developed. Nor is the related skill of careful listening. Would you go along with this contention? Among the reasons for this is that nowhere in our educational experience is there a specific focus on what conversation is and why having good skills – particularly in listening and questioning - as...

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Conversare and the alleviation of loneliness

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This kind of socialising, getting together in a public place with a host to do the welcoming, is simple to organise and to host, with a little experience. Whoever does this quickly appreciates how much pleasure and fun this can be for participants. And how satisfying this is, for likely diverse reasons. Among these are the sheer joy of engaging in lively conversation, partly with others who you happen to ‘bump into’ and particularly with the person with whom you have a meal. Likely the prospect of doing this will bring to mind memorable encounters with strangers you have had while...

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Conversare and ‘rethinking love’

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The original idea of having gatherings of people who may not know each other in public places, with a host to do the welcoming and to set the scene, was mainly for social purposes. The first of these were held in Hong Kong which is a place in which it is very difficult to meet new people outside of the particular domain in which you work, such as business, health, education, government … The format proved popular for this purpose and many participants reportedly enjoyed the events and some went on to establish wider friendships. For whenever they happened to bump into...

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Engaging well with people with whom you have not ever had a conversation

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Followers of this blog may appreciate that its focus has been on contexts in which people converse with others who they have not have ever met and may not do again. My purpose in convening such gatherings in public places, starting in Hong Kong and then periodically in Adelaide, where I now live, is to provide opportunities for  whoever comes to have enjoyable experiences. And behind and beyond this to become more conscious of just what conversing is – and does. To enable participants to be aware of how different our personal lives and that of people we encounter can be...

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