Update on Conversare in the Market and likely implications and applications

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con versare – to turn or to dance together “Conversare ... I love the sound of the word and everything it evokes.” “Conversare … it sends a shiver down my spine.” "Simple and deep - a spiritual adventure." Some comments (which you may have noted) about this way of engaging among strangers over a meal in public places. See also comments from participants in earlier events in Hong Kong. Conversare in the Market of 12 January 2016 was a resounding success in that there was lively interaction among the some 30 participants all of whom seemed to get into the spirit of the evening. Informal feedback...

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Conversare in the Market – becoming a vibrant component of life in the city of Adelaide

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This new form of socialising is now taking hold in the Adelaide Central Market. The next event is on 12 January 2016, from 6-8pm. To attend this you will need to make a booking, not least for catering arrangements.  Book here.   This Market is a place which is known nationwide as the best in the country for its range of cuisine and colourful ambience. What if it becomes famous also as a place to which people go to experience lively face-to-face conversation? This will not, as you would be aware, ‘just happen’.  Could it if you and others intuit that there is something going...

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Convivial conversation in the Market is off and running and what this could mean for you

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Yes, I’m delighted to report that Conversare in the Market ‘happened’ – always the main measure of success in any enterprise in my experience. Everything else such as ‘What we could do differently next time’ is valid but secondary. The next events are scheduled for 8 December and 12 January 2016. Bookings for these can be made here. These gatherings are based squarely on one of the main ideas in my book ‘Time to converse – at the heart of human warmth’.                      We are in this together and to treat each other well. The book can be ordered from my website Multimind Solutions There...

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Conversare in the Market about to start

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The inaugural Conversare in the (Adelaide Central) Market event is scheduled for 24 November, 2015. And then fortnightly. For bookings by people resident or visiting Adelaide,  South Australia go here   The fact that this is about to materialise did not, as you may well surmise, ‘just happen’. For there is a winding path from the first such event held in Hong Kong in 2009 about which came this comment: ”great concept indeed … think you just hit it right at bull’s eyes … long wished for in the recess of our minds but not quite realized or voiced!” Velda Kwan  This was to do with what...

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Conversare – the evolving story. For September 2015

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Which is about to happen in at least three two ways, likely closely related. The first, in time, is that what has been in the pipeline for a few months and is about to be confirmed as ‘ready to go’ in early November 2015. I refer to events being staged in the Adelaide Central Market after trading hours on a weekday night. This is happening with the strong support of the Board, who appreciate that this innovative way of socialising makes for new kinds of experience on their premises. These are opportunities for people of different backgrounds and ages to come together...

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