Conversare: face to face interaction in contexts which may be regarded as ‘unusual’ – initially

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“Those seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” I wonder if you may come see how this idea relates to the contexts outlined below? For Conversare events in which the core activity is to have a meal with a stranger is seemingly counter to our usual ways of socialising - which are mainly with people we already know such as family and friends. And it is quite different from what is now commonplace, communicating largely virtually. The very idea of taking time out to engage with someone you don’t know purely for the experience of...

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Conversare – “Get off your bum and connect with people face to face”

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  ** Breaking news of a remarkable new venue for Conversare gatherings in Adelaide. See below. Curious about participating in social gathering in which the core activity is having a meal with one person, a stranger? These have often been reported as “very enjoyable and enlightening.” Which is not surprising, as for starters, they are not really different from any other social event if you go along with an open mind, a sense of keen anticipation and – most essential – a conscious intention of wishing to ‘give’ rather than ‘get.’ Knowing that the expression of such an intention is being curious about the process...

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Conversare – be prepared to be surprised, in experience and place

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In the past few weeks I have mentioned to a number of people that there is a new venue in the offing for this kind of socialising in which the essence is to share a meal with a stranger in a public place. The invariable response is “How fascinating! Please let me know when this happens.” And when I ask what appeals about this prospect responses include: “I love the idea of meeting new people in a context in which it is quite safe to do so.” “This way of meeting people could be so interesting.” “I am new to Adelaide and this sounds...

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Conversare as a way to co-create cultures of confidence

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Are you aware that culture shapes the way we converse with each other? By culture is meant ‘the way we do things around here.’ What if the culture of our communities is based  squarely on self-confidence of those concerned? Bearing in mind these foundations: . The word Conversation derives from the Latin con versare – to turn or to dance together. . Making time to converse is at the heart of human warmth. . We are in this together and to treat each other well. . Whoever comes are the right people. . Interacting confidently can produce most unexpected gifts for all concerned. Could being conscious of...

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Conversare – empathy experienced

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  This note is written in a context of chaos – at least this is how it feels to me. Our house is full of cardboard boxes scavenged locally for the purpose of packing up our worldly goods to transport them to our new home in a couple of days time. For we are moving out of the CBD (central business district) of Adelaide where we having been living since our return from six happy years based in Hong Kong in 2011. And going to a suburb called Semaphore which is by the seaside. In the midst of this Christmas day was...

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