On reducing separation through conversations over a shared meal

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Conversare is the name of social gatherings in public places in which all present interact naturally and easily over a meal with someone they may not know. These events are about bringing conversation to life in situations in which whoever comes is welcome and invited to participate. I wonder if you see what a difference this can make to how we connect to each other? And why this matters? What does it mean to bring conversation to life? Among possible answers is that of recognising the value of designing contexts in which conversation happens. Contexts in which the purpose of getting together...

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Conversare – more to it than meets the eye

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A look at some of the posts on this blog may help you to appreciate that socialising in this way may serve a range of ‘wholesome’ purposes. This recent one here and  Conversare in America may be illustrative, for starters. What may you experience from being a participant? Very likely similar to that of people who have had the opportunity to do this in one or more events. Among reports of this, as you can read, are the sheer joy of being in the company of like minded others in places in which whoever shows up is welcome. And feeling thoroughly relaxed, with...

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Conversare in Hong Kong revisited

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My being back on holiday and business in Asia's World City to reconnect with old friends, colleagues and favourite places was a wonderful opportunity to have a gathering, Conversare style. This took place in a delightful restaurant called Zaks  in Discovery Bay on Lantau Island. Sadly the place where Conversare was born, Cafe Zambra, in which  we had such fun (See Feedback) in days gone by is no more; converted into offices, such is the way in Hong Kong. No matter, Zaks turned out to be a most suitable gathering place for the 30+ lively spirits who came to participate by giving...

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Conversare – particularly for urban dwellers

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There are perhaps two primary needs which can be met by these conversational  gatherings in the midst of cities. One is being in the company of lively people purely for the enjoyment this brings. Do you hanker after the full feeling of delight that profound conversation can bring? In a context in which there is no business to conduct, no outcomes to consider. There is the remarkable opportunity to experience being among like minded spirits and having enjoyable and fascinating encounters. Which brings up the other main reason why people come along. This is because they experience feelings of loneliness and wish to...

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Conversare updates in Hong Kong and Adelaide

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Conversare is a social process in which people meet in a public place such as a pub or a cafe to have wholesome encounters with at least one person they don't know. A host welcomes everyone, sets them at their ease and provides guidelines for the event. A fundamental premise is that whoever shows up to give of themselves through being curious and interested in the others are the right people. Another is that 'Whenever we treat each other well good things happen.' As you may intuit there are very real benefits from participating in such gatherings, among which are: . the sheer...

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