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For what Conversare is see here.


When you feel the urge for being among lively company to converse over a fine meal in the early evening in a ‘magic’ space set aside purely for this purpose …

Conversare in the Market is just the place for this.

The  next events are on Wednesday 16 March and Tuesday 5 April 2016.    For bookings and time see here.

As you likely understand bookings are required for catering arrangements as all the cafes are closed by the time our events start.
There are vegetarian and gluten free choices available.

Delighted by the warmth of participation of those lively spirits who have come along to these events and by the many messages of encouragement and goodwill, among which is this from Aaron Brumby, General Manager of the Adelaide Central Market …

(To add: There is lovely video coverage of our event last month. This is now at the stage of fine editing before being available for uploading on YouTube. In the meantime there are a few ‘mini’ videos which can be seen in this post).

… my colleague Samone and I are happy with every prospect of going well in the future.

For the basic promise is simple.  Come with an open mind to participate and you are bound to have an interesting and enjoyable time, likely to be surprised too if you are prepared for this!

As is the invitation. Come to ‘join’ (a Hong Kong expression) in conversation over a fine meal with someone you have not previously met. Anybody who shows up is welcome and everybody in the room is a full participant.

Who could benefit most from being a participant?

Anyone who enjoys rich conversation and wishes to have more in their lives. Who likes the prospect of being among friendly company, sees this as a way of boosting their ‘people skills’, has an adventurous spirit, wants to do something different …

What is behind these opportunities to come and talk face-to-face over a tasty meal in such a ‘magic’ place?  See my brief overview.

In which you may well feel that you have stepped into a ‘generous little haven of old fashioned goodwill’.

For a start, you who live in Adelaide and know the Central Market well, and you who have had the opportunity to go to there while on a visit, would appreciate what a colourful and sparkling place this is during trading hours in which  to shop and eat.

Does the idea appeal to you that these premises are now available to use by us for regular events after close of normal business – for the first time in nearly 150 years – to greet and eat?  With the full support of the Board and the Management of the Market, as seen above.

Is this an amazing gift!?

To engage with whoever comes in a spirit of ‘We are here together to enjoy the company and to treat each well’.

This is mentioned by the host  – a particular feature of this kind of socialising  – along with a welcome and few other guidelines to ensure that everyone is aware that they are the ’right people’ to be present  and that they each could make a special contribution to the gathering. Which will only happen once.  As you would likely understand there is more to ‘hosting’ than meets the eye at first glance.

With regard to the question of ‘Why spend time talking to a stranger’?

For a start, you will quickly appreciate that, in these events, there is nothing ‘scary’ about this as everyone present is doing the same. For once you get going you will likely quickly come to see and feel that:

. you become conscious of the acts of listening  and of questioning together with a strong sense of curiosity.

. there is much of interest in what your meal partner tells you.

. although the other’s life and stories may be quite different from yours there are commonalities that may surprise you.

. this interaction brings up elements of you own life and experience of which you were not aware or had long forgotten.

. the outcome of your conversation was not predictable, for you may have gained insights into the life of the other – and of your own – which could prove to be of value to you both.

The ‘meaning’ of these speculations can, naturally, only becomes clear to those who come to participate with an open mind and a ‘good heart’ <smile>

Here are comments on their experience of two participants.

Likely you have had this kind of experience of when travelling – and reckon that this is one of the real pleasures of going to other parts, far or near.  A friend who has such good memories of doing this has said to her partner, “When we next go travelling I am not going to sit next to you! We can talk at other times but I want to use the opportunity of meeting new people and listening to what it important to them.”

To add:

We have already had invitations from two councils to help get Conversare events get going in their local government areas. What could happen if these ‘take off’ beyond way Downunder to wherever you are on our little planet, 3rd from the sun.   <smile>

If you live in Adelaide or nearby, please feel most welcome to participate and to bring the attention of friends and associates this new way of engaging with each other. In which our fair city is leading the way! For have you ever heard of such happenings anywhere else?

If you live elsewhere – which means the vast majority of humanity –  you could ‘like’ our Facebook page, and suggest to others that they do so too. Also  consider  ‘what about starting something similar in your neighbourhood’?

Looking forward.

Go well


Alan Stewart, PhD
Facilitator of conversations that matter and participatory fun
Multimind Solutions

Book: Time to converse – at the heart of human warmth


Samone Wear
Event Manager
Twitter| Follow us @AgencyPlatinum


PS. Here’s a thought that may set you pondering …

The Columbian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez raised a glass of wine to toast his wife: “I know you so well,” he said, “that I haven’t a clue who you are.”



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  1. See you there. Great idea. We look forward to meeting someone new.

    xx susan and alex

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