Conversare in the Market – becoming a vibrant component of life in the city of Adelaide

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This new form of socialising is now taking hold in the Adelaide Central Market.

The next event is on 12 January 2016, from 6-8pm. To attend this you will need to make a booking, not least for catering arrangements.  Book here.


This Market is a place which is known nationwide as the best in the country for its range of cuisine and colourful ambience.

What if it becomes famous also as a place to which people go to experience lively face-to-face conversation?

This will not, as you would be aware, ‘just happen’.  Could it if you and others intuit that there is something going on here which you wish to support to help make it grow?

To local people in Adelaide and surrounds, what do you think of the idea of coming to the Market after trading hours on a weekday night – from 6 to 8pm – to have a conversation over a fine meal with someone you have not met previously?

With the thought in mind which you put to your friends and associates, “Instead of going straight home after work or to a movie, let’s go to the Market to converse with interesting people.” Or “From what I hear I am happy to go along by myself.”

Recognising that the Market premises are a public place in which anyone who wishes to do this is welcome to participate.

To be clear on what you would be letting yourself in for, have a look at a description of Conversare – to turn or to dance together – events and their underpinnings. Also at their purpose and what they are and what they are not.

Signs are that this new offering in the Market is gaining widespread interest and attention. This is happening through local networks and promotion by the Market office. Also through it being featured nationwide on Australia All Over, hosted by ‘Macca’, a few weeks ago.

With more lively promotion to come in the New Year.

How do these comments received resonate with you?

“When I heard that Conversare meant to turn or to dance together it sent a shiver down my spine.”

“It feeds my soul to know that this kind of engaging with strangers now exists.”

“Simple and deep – a spiritual adventure.”
Description of her experience of a Conversare event in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia by a Muslim woman.

“What uniquely exciting and practical ideas. And what a way it could be for our wonderful new refugees [and overseas students] to learn real English, and perhaps for all of us to at least feel other languages.”
Andrew Booth

And a request to stage the events in another part of Adelaide?

Plus ideas are starting to bubble about applying the format in diverse contexts, anywhere,  such as:

. ‘Wheels to Meals’ for people who experience chronic loneliness.

. a complement to the usual form of AA meetings.

From what you now have seen do you feel that this is an enterprise you would wish to support?

If you are a local. do this by coming along to participate in person.

Or indicate your support from anywhere on our little planet, 3rd from the sun, by adding a comment to this post or on our Facebook page?

Looking forward.

Go well


Alan Stewart, PhD
Member National Trouble Makers Union

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