Conversare – what it could mean for people hungry for wholesome connecting?

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Conversare is for people who wish to open up their lives and for people who others have recognised could be of benefit to do this.

People who recognise this ‘opening up’ happens through taking steps to connect well with those around them. And that coming along to a social gathering in a public place for the specific purpose to have conversations is an interesting and enjoyable way of doing this, whatever their stage of life.

Among reasons for doing this are being attracted to meet new people in a context in which everyone present has similar feelings and participates fully. Another is to ‘do something’ to alleviate a sense of loneliness, reportedly a widespread experience in people of all ages.


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What can happen when you come along to a social gathering for the specific purpose of having conversation among others who wish to do this too? An event in which you may or may not know anyone present and in which the core activity is talking with one person who you have not met previously.

Does this sound risky to you? While it might at first sight you no doubt appreciate that there is no possibility of leading a life of fulfillment and adventure without some risk taking! Having a look at what previous participants have reported may allay your fears.

What could ‘having a go!’ mean for you and how the world around you changes once you become a more ‘interested’ spirit and step out more confidently, as outlined below.

Here are just some of the possible experiences you may have during an event, and what you may also take away:

 .  An immediate feeling that this is a different and interesting way to get together. For you recognise that you are in a situation in which all are welcome and included and in which there is little judgment, no sense of there being ‘them and us,’ no matter who also has shown up.

.  An opportunity to give of yourself without being concerned about you are going to get from coming along.

.  Experience of wholesome connecting and having a highly enjoyable and satisfying time.

.  Being reminded that face-to-face conversation is the most enlivening and enriching way of connecting with others. And a nice change from staring at a TV or communicating with a little screen in front of you and a little plug in your ear! And no multitasking going on …

Could experiencing this make a real difference to your and other people’s lives?

Alan Stewart

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