Forthcoming events

While there have not been any Conversare at the Market events of late as there is no heating in the space we were using …

The events are now being held in a lovely cafe just across the street from the entrance to the Market! <smile>

In which you – whatever your background – would be warmly welcomed to engage well with lively people in this place in the heart of the CBD of Adelaide.

How does this sound to you as a means to ‘come out of yourself’? And to connect with fellow adventurers who are also looking  to add sparkle to their lives?

If you do sense that this is as an opportunity for enlivening and enjoyable engaging would you do well to secure a place early early?

For details and bookings in Passatempo Ristoranti see entry in Eventbrite. – Conversare at the Market Precinct

And for more insight into what Conversare is and on what previous participants have reported see here and here .