Forthcoming events


Conversare in the Market events  are again ‘the go’!

Now with a different way of informing lively spirits of the opportunity to meet other like minded others.

While still with the intent of enabling anyone who wishes to participate in this novel and interesting new kind of social gathering to feel welcome to do so.

Updates of forthcoming events will be listed here.


In the meantime there are two Conversare events in the Adelaide Fringe 2018.

They are to be held in the lovely Folklore Cafe in Port Adelaide, next to the TAFE College, and overlooking the Port River.

Easy access by 150 bus from the city and all suburbs along Port Rd. Also coming from the Lefevre Peninsula. Alight at British Hotel from which is a 5 minute walk along the river.

And plenty of car parking near the venue.

Quite OK to come by yourself. You and everybody present will be warmly welcomed.

In these novel and fun events there are no performers on stage or spectators. For interaction between participants is the entertainment.

Everybody present does this, all participate fully – and gladly.

For details see here.

This was developed while I living in Hong Kong and offered in other places, among which are London, UK; San Francisco, USA and Manila. Philippines.

From which often reported is ‘While this is different from other kinds of entertainment it is thoroughly enlightening, energising and enjoyable.”