Conversare – what’s in it for venues?

Creating contexts for Conversare events to take place in premises such as cafes, hotels, community centres, could being substantial benefits to the organisation, given that they complement yet could significantly extend current offerings.

For the decision to take on this enterprise could add a new vision and associated dimension to what they are. Which could bring renewed vibrancy to the in store staff and perhaps personnel in other divisions throughout the organisation.

Which in turn would enable the venue to establish a reputation for being truly innovative in recognizing and acting on widely felt yearning for the depth of connecting which can only happen through face to face conversation.

It would also provide a sharp focus for marketing this new service, and with this be very creative in how to appeal to particular constituencies. Just one (Marketing 101!) would be to invent incentives to attract ‘early adopters’ who would then spread word of their experience.

Furthermore, creating space for Conversare would be a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity widely recognized among the populace, within respective industries and others in ‘diverse places.’

Could doing this give rise to a ‘social good’ which has not ever existed and yet for which there is a widespread need all over our little planet.