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Conversare – for friendly Face 2 Face conversation in a wondrous place

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How often do you have the opportunity to talk with someone in ways that you feel enjoyable and satisfying? In conversation in which there is mutual interest,  expressed by being curious, careful questioning and listening of  each other. If I suggested, ‘not often’ would this be accurate? For in today’s world there are so many ways that make us feel disconnected from others. Whether it be the 24 hour news cycle and/or our personal ‘busyness’.  Perhaps of personal circumstances in which we feel isolated and hungry for lively company. What could happen if there was a lovely opportunity to sit down and have an...

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Conversare – bringing attention to being in the dance

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A peruse of the earlier posts here may help you to gain a sense – or a reminder – of the essence, underlying purpose and practice of Conversare events. And of enjoyment experienced by participants. What I wish to draw your attention to now is that this way of engaging with each other has a variety of foundations. One which is the focus of this post is that I had the remarkable fortune to encounter a person called Heinz von Foerster. A Google search will reveal much about this person, who he was, what he accomplished and a sense of his lasting...

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Conversare now evolving in wondrous ways

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You may be interested to learn that the Conversare (named from the Latin: con versare - to turn or to dance together) hosted process of engaging with each other is now happening in diverse contexts. (*See below for more on underpinnings of 'principles and values' and of 'hosting'.  Here for background to Conversare in the Adelaide Central Market. And here for underpinning awe of conversing, particularly from 3.37 minutes in) Among these are: . As an integral component of a business meeting. In this case as a way of enabling participation of all present before the main component of the meeting. Sound intriguing? Would...

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Conversare – of potential value when integral to diverse meetings which include a meal

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Here are ideas you may find interesting and of potential value to your organisation or group. They are to do with a way of enabling everyone present to have face to face communication over a meal. In which the focus is on learning about each other. Everybody participates fully. The example here is to do with holding evening meetings.  The ideas are applicable to meetings held at other times too.   Being held on a weekday evening have an early start at 6pm and finish by 8pm. There are two main possibilities for the conduct of an event about a particular topic.       Points to ponder...

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Conversare – substantial benefits for those who appreciate its personal and professional significance

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Are you an adventurer looking for social events in which you participate rather than just be a spectator? If so Conversare could turn you on! For these are hosted happening over a meal among lively spirits in venues dripping with delectable and friendly ambience. In public places in which anyone who wishes to join is regarded as one of the right people. Where a host welcomes all present and provides guidelines on the nature of the proceedings. Which is primarily to have a conversation, over a meal, with someone you have not met previously. Everybody present does the same, all participate...

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