Who is this way of socialising for?

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There is no straightforward answer to this. For likely there are many reasons as to why you may be attracted to come along to participate, and you may not be consciously aware of what these are.

Perhaps you are intrigued by learning that this way of getting together in a public place is somewhat different from the usual in that:

There is a host present who helps to co-create a context in which everyone is welcome and included, in which everyone contributes by giving of themselves and has a lot of fun.

… a context in which you find someone you don’t know and spend time engaging with that person in lively and fascinating conversation.

How does this sound to you as a way of breaking out of your habitual way of relating and making the opportunity to hear stories of lived experience that you could not have imagined? And, while doing this, give the person with whom you are conversing the gift of careful and interested listening?

Among reasons that this appeals to you could be that you:

. enjoy meeting new people. Given the nature of the gatherings, experiencing this  is guaranteed as others present likely wish to do this too.

. know that you are one of the right people to participate in the particular event. The host for the gathering ensures this by introducing ‘light touch’ guidelines for engagement.

. remember previous encounters with strangers, perhaps while travelling or standing in a queue, in which you shared the moment, knowing that you were unlikely to ever meet again.

. like the idea of this novel way of socialising. Most times when we are out in public places such as cafes, restaurants or hotels we only engage with people we already know.

. intuit that you are likely to be challenged and stretched beyond your usual ways of relating to people. Is moving out of your ‘comfort zone’ periodically something you see as of value?

. see this as an opportunity to practice your ‘people’ skills. When we converse with someone we have not met previously we have to be more aware than usual of how we listen and the extent to which we talk. Does doing this come naturally to you?

. hunger for rich conversation. This is precisely what you will experience, given that the purpose of coming is to interact with people on topics of mutual interest.

. are curious about how others see the world. Could conversing with a stranger introduce you to beliefs and perspectives of which you have no idea?

. know that you are bound to hear stories of life and experience that are very different from that of your own.

Whatever your feelings that underly your deciding to come along and to participate your presence will make a difference to what happens in the gathering. Why? By your being one of the right people and with the underpinning truism that ‘Whenever we treat each other with respect good things happen’ this is inevitable!

And very likely you will go away with feeling of surprise at how welcome and ‘at home’ you felt, how fascinating were your encounters and how much in common you had with a stranger even while leading very different lives …

Could periodically being a participant add a ‘wonder-full’ dimension to your life?

Is there anyone who would not benefit from such experiencing?

Would you wish to be a contributor to bringing about a culture of conversing around our little planet, 3rd from the sun?

Alan Stewart



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