Some underpinnings of Conversare events

A sense of part of the background to this kind of socialising can be obtained from these perspectives:

. Blog posts:

Conversare – an answer to many people’s queries, wants and needs

On reducing separation through conversations over a shared meal

What if there was general awareness of these underpinnings of our way of human becoming on our little planet?

. Michael Palin’s Encounters with strangers

. Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Perception of our humanity from outer space

. Sherry Turkle   Reclaiming conversation: the power of talk in a digital age

. John O’Donohue: “When is the last time you had a great conversation …”




Related to these, at least in my mind, is:

“Our challenge in the coming century will be to resist hiding in the comfort of our self-made bubbles, to remember that there will also be a growing number
of other bubbles, large and small, and each one will contain people who feel just as strongly as we do about their own individual truths, passions, and
needs. For all our differences, we are sharing the same planet. It may be difficult, but we will still need to hear what we don’t want to hear, sometimes
from people we don’t like. We will still need to think about others, and not just ourselves. In fact, as the old ways disappear, we humans will need to
find entirely new ways to be neighbours.”
Tad Williams

And does this comment on an experience of an event (in Indonesia) resonate with you?

                 “It’s simple and deep, a spiritual adventure”

A question for you:

In what contexts in your part of our little planet do you you intuit that Conversare kind of interacting could be of value in bringing diverse peoples together in ways in which they treat each other well? If you think it could be, wish to act on this and need some help with hosting let me know. I have world wide connections with people who could assist you, readily and cheerfully.