Particular features of Conversare events

This novel way of socialising is different from others in that:

. it is in a public place and so anyone is welcome, no matter what their background, eg age, ethnicity …

. a host facilitator provides guidelines such as ‘Whoever is here is the right people’, ‘We are here to give rather than get’.

. there is nothing to accomplish, no outcome to aim for, no thorny issue to resolve.

.  there is no ‘theme’ of a common interest such as ‘Meetups’ about growing orchids or hiking in Siberia.

. the main activity is to have a conversation with someone you don’t know. Everybody in the room does the same, everyone is a full participant.

. In Conversare events the focus is on the act of conversing itself. It is about con versare – to turn or to dance together in the course of an encounter with one fellow human being. And in doing this with a stranger to become more aware of what is happening when we converse. For now participants have to be conscious of the questioning and listening which are inherent in coming to know about the person with whom they are sharing a meal together. And in doing this coming to know more about themselves too.

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