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Please come in, knowing that you are one of the right people to do so. Wander wherever you please knowing too that there are thoughts and ideas here which could set your pulses racing. <smile>

Have you ever thought of being invited to join in a gathering, in a public place such as a restaurant or a pub, in which the purpose was purely to have lively conversations with people you may not ever have met? No matter who you are?

This is what a friend commented about the first of such events:

“great concept indeed … think you just hit it right at bull’s eyes … long wished for in the recess of our minds but not quite realized or voiced! great going alan … !”
Velda Kwan

Once you have poked around in the posts and comments how about adding yours? About what you experienced and/or noticed? Perhaps also what you would wish to see for the future of this adventure? And anything else which come to your mind.

Bearing in mind …

“Participation is the key to the future of the human race. Participation in families, in politics … Participation will save the human race – if we are saved.”
Pete Seeger when aged 89

This  invitation was distributed by email to people who live in Hong Kong and who have been on the mailing list. If you happen to be in this nook of our little planet do come along!

From this you may find that reasons why Conversare was created resonates deeply with you.

More will soon be available through social media. What could this mean for such events being held in a venue near you? You may be the person who does this! J

I would add that the idea of having a gathering at the venue mentioned  ‘popped out’ of a conversation. I had been musing about possible alternative venues and ‘voila’ …

I had indicated earlier to the people on the list that “While having a hamburger may be against the grain for you <smile>, there are salads available. It’s quite OK if you do not have anything to eat. A tea or coffee or soft drink is enough for you to have a seat.”

The Invitation

As you may appreciate Conversare events are for people who hunger for the good open conversation which is important in their lives. These gatherings are designed to cater for such deeply felt needs.

I have been blessed and inspired through coming to know well people around our little planet, 3rd from the sun, who facilitate processes which ‘open space’ for conversations which have heart and meaning. These processes enable organisations of any size to address complex problems effectively. Through … all voices being  heard at forums convened to do this. I have being doing this work world wide for nearly twenty years, currently mainly in Indonesia.

The Conversare experiment has been founded on this background. Conceptualised and kicked off here in Hong Kong about two years ago, it is still at a fledgling stage.

The purpose is to see if ‘open space’ processes can be employed to create contexts in which people who wish to meet lively others may get together socially – in public places – purely to rejoice in conversation over a hosted meal.

It may well be that other hosts will convene gatherings held in diverse venues, days of week and times of day.

You do not need to know anyone present before you participate as the host will facilitate your feeling of being most welcome and included.

Does this sound to be an enjoyable and satisfying way to hear about other’s perspectives of life and to perhaps learn about yourself? Could it also be an opportunity to sharpen your people skills through paying full attention to a conversing partner? Many previous participants have reported such experiencing.

A next step in the evolution of the enterprise will be held:

. McDonald’s in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
. on Tues evening (25th) from 7 to 9pm
. for a maximum of 16 participants

Would you wish to join? Doing so does not mean any commitment to this ongoing adventure.

As you may intuit there is more to it than meets the eye …  <smile>

Expect to be nicely surprised!

Looking forward


Alan Stewart

Would you wish to participate in this kind of social event? And do you see that there could be uses of the process for purposes other than that outlined above?

Please feel free to comment on these and on anything else to do with  your feelings about this enterprise.

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