Conversare – of potential value when integral to diverse meetings which include a meal

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Here are ideas you may find interesting and of potential value to your organisation or group. They are to do with a way of enabling everyone present to have face to face communication over a meal. In which the focus is on learning about each other. Everybody participates fully. The example here is to do with holding evening meetings.  The ideas are applicable to meetings held at other times too.   Being held on a weekday evening have an early start at 6pm and finish by 8pm. There are two main possibilities for the conduct of an event about a particular topic.       Points to ponder...

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Conversare – substantial benefits for those who appreciate its personal and professional significance

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Are you an adventurer looking for social events in which you participate rather than just be a spectator? If so Conversare could turn you on! For these are hosted happening over a meal among lively spirits in venues dripping with delectable and friendly ambience. In public places in which anyone who wishes to join is regarded as one of the right people. Where a host welcomes all present and provides guidelines on the nature of the proceedings. Which is primarily to have a conversation, over a meal, with someone you have not met previously. Everybody present does the same, all participate...

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Conversare – potential value for diverse organisations and venues

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 con versare – to turn or to dance together “Simple and deep, a spiritual adventure.” Firti Rasmiti “For good talk and enlivening connecting, rebuilding community trust and connectivity.” John Hovell How do these sound to you, arising as they have from participants in Conversare events? Which are specifically designed to enable people to experience the deep connectivity inherently longed for in our very nature as human beings, As expressed by British writer George Monbiot: “If there is an irrepressible human trait, it’s the determination, against all odds, to reconnect. Though governments seek to atomise and rule, we will keep finding ways to come together. Our social brains...

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Conversare – for an adventure in delightful connecting

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Conversare (pronounced Conversari) - from the Latin con versare - to turn or to dance together is the name given to a new kind of social event described below. “In the end, connecting well with others in the present moment of life is all that matters.” Suzanne “ … a combination of feeling relaxed, stimulated, surprised, moved, amused, and disappointed - the latter being as it was over all too soon, as people started to leave, and before we had more of a chance to properly engage with some of the others in the wider group. On leaving and traveling home - contentment...

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Conversare – the host as social artist

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What do you think of the ‘modern’ idea that the role of the artist is to reveal to society a new outlook on life and the world?  And that this role applies to both graphic and social (aka process) artists?   In today's  complex, busy and often quite fragmented lives there is little opportunity to connect through satisfying conversations other than with people we already know. Conversare is an experiment to explore what can happen when people take time to come together to experience such connecting in public places in the hands of a host - who is a social artist. What is the...

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