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Conversare – ambience direction and the awe of conversation

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This post is about creating contexts in which participants are enabled to converse in ways which enrich each other's lives. Here you will see insights into elements of living which are often taken for granted and yet 'revitalised' in ways outlined can be life changing! <smile> It begins with a brief overview of differences between Conversare and other kinds of gatherings in which conversation among participants is the core activity. And indicates how you may come to see the potential value of  choosing  to join in local events or to do something similar yourself, wherever it is you live in our...

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Conversare – for an adventure in being transformed through meeting new people

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For next Conversare in the Market events in March and April see  here. And for a brief reminder of the purpose of Conversare see here.   To readers all around our little planet, 3rd from the sun (smile) This post is essentially about the practicalities of coming along to participate in, together with associated benefits arising from, a Conversare (pronounced conversari) event. Named from the Latin con versare – to turn or to dance together. There are also what may be called ‘philosophical musings’ which you could also find of value.  For together they may be seen as counter to the language and feelings...

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Conversare – some grounded, some high flying perspectives of a grand experiment

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  For bookings at events at the Market and in the Fringe at Sarah's Sisters Sustainable Cafe in Semaphore go to Forthcoming Events.   If you are new to the ideas which underpin this way of coming together to have conversations in public places - a new kind of social gathering - have a look at : Conversare – What it is and Feedback from previous participants. And this podcast of a Conversare style dinner on the opening night of a conference  in Manila a few weeks ago. ... for an inkling of something that you could find enriching and enjoyable. <smile>   Grounded What pleasures could be in...

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Conversare – for people who wish to add sparkle to their lives

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Do you feel that missing in your life is enjoyable conversation and good connecting with the world around you? Would you wish to participate in lively exchanges of stories of what interests and challenges you and others? Are there such opportunities for you to do this? Yes, partly through keeping connected to people you ‘know’ such as family, friends and neigbours. You would likely be aware that you are responsible for how you do this. Maintaining good connecting takes careful thought and action. What if, for whatever reason, your current relating with others does not provide the sparkle you yearn for and...

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Conversare – an opportunity for growth through connecting

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“If we don’t take risks we don’t grow.” How do these ideas resonate with you? Do they give you a sense that coming along to have a conversation over a meal with a stranger is ‘risky’ and yet something which may turn out to be a truly worthwhile experience? Given that everybody present is doing something similar and that you are among other lively risk taking spirits! All of whom treat each other with respect and with welcoming smiles. Just what does it mean to ‘grow’? Among possible ‘takes’ on this is that we let go of our fears of connecting with people...

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