A novel, interesting and fun way of socialising

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Do you feel the need for different ways of socialising? Would you wish to mix with lively people in contexts in which you feel included and most welcome, even though you may not know anyone present? Events from which you come away feeling having been stretched and stimulated while at the same time inspired and refreshed?

Conversare gatherings are not your usual kind of socialising. They are for people who are looking for something sparkling and stimulating for their leisure time. People who like the idea of meeting new people. People who are curious about how others see the world and who welcome the opportunity to hear about others’ experiences. People who recognize that being a good listener is a gift to others, and yet what comes around from listening with attention can be rewarding in most unexpected ways.

The essence of a Conversare event

Informal mixing in a public place followed by having a meal with someone you don’t know. With a host to introduce ‘light touch’ principles which underpin the nature of the gathering.

At such events you will likely:

. have good conversations

. experience being in lively company

. learn more about yourself

. interact with people who have very different backgrounds from your own.

. hear stories of other’s experiences, stories which you could not possibly have suspected or imagined.

. find yourself totally intrigued, and privileged, by what another person is prepared to reveal to you.

. become more aware of what conversation actually is – and come to appreciate that it takes a lot of observation and practice to become skilled at it.

What is asked of you as a participant?

To come with an open mind, a willingness to give of yourself, a spirit of adventure and a delicious anticipation that this is going to be fun!

What participants have reported

Friday drinks would usually be with people with very similar ways of thinking  which is cozy but doesn’t require any effort to extend myself mentally or emotionally, whereas at this gathering, I came across people with a completely different way of viewing the world – very demanding but very rewarding.
Andrew Lawson

It’s been really fun. I have never really meet many people outside the bank and finance circle so it’s a real experience for me.
Gee Gee

I must admit I approached conversare with some trepidation as i am not the touchy feely type and I wasn’t sure what or who to expect but i thoroughly enjoyed myself. The ambiance was warm and friendly , totally non threatening. I didn’t feel anything was expected of me other to than to be there and enjoy myself. All the people there were people I wanted to meet and talk to and it was so interesting sitting with someone completely new, who led a totally different life style in Hong Kong.

Thank you for a lovely evening.

Annemarie Bailey

Do you enjoy good conversations? Would you wish for more ‘riveting’ ones periodically?

How does this offering sound to you?

Alan Stewart



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