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Conversare – through which one thing leads to another

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Here’s a nice story on this. It begins with a person being inspired by her participation in a Conversare event in Adelaide to develop a similar enterprise in Melbourne. Kate Barrett-Lennard (reported with her permission) came along at the invitation of a previous participant to one of the Conversare events held at the Whitmore Hotel in Adelaide last year. This led to an ongoing friendship between Kate and my wife Carmen and me. Since then she has moved to live in Melbourne and has held the first of what she hopes will become a series of what she calls Courageous Conversations. She wrote...

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Can we talk? Yes indeed!

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One of my little disappointments in life is that, while in New York City in 2010, I missed seeing the legendary comic Joan Rivers. According to a poster which had caught my eye, she was to perform at a theatre near where I was staying. On arriving there I was puzzled by no sign of anyone else. Which was not surprising at the show was to be the following night, by which time I would be gone! :-( My wishing to see Joan ‘live’ stemmed particularly from knowing of her famous line “Can we talk?” By asking this signature question, Joan invited...

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