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Conversare – with the intent to change the culture

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The title here comes from a comment by one of my constant admirees, Seth Godin. In a recent post entitled Change the culture, change the world Seth says: “…Powerful organizations and great brands got there by aligning with and accelerating tectonic cultural shifts, not by tweaking sales one at a time. There are two lessons here. The first is that the easiest thing to do is merely amplify what a culture is already embracing. The second is that real change is cultural change, and you must go about it with the intent to change the culture, not to merely make the easy...

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Conversare – inspirations and speculations

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This post is inspired by two great thoughts, in my opinion, and what could be in yours too! Plus here are  ‘speculations’ on potential applications arising from these thoughts which you may find of value for your purposes. 1. From my fine friend Suzanne Daigle, a constant ‘encourager’ of this Conversare experiment. Suzanne, the convenor of the World Open Space on Open Space 2013 which I attended in St Petersburg, FL, in mid May, wrote recently to me to say that there have been truly astonishing developments since then in bringing the power and potential of Open Space Technology (OST) to wider...

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