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Conversare as a means to connect

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As you may imagine there has been much concern, particularly but not only, in the United States about the Sandy Hook school massacre and its underpinnings. One response has been to conduct a ‘Vancouver Speaks – Community Conversations around Connection.’ This happened as a Conversation Café recently in Vancouver in Washington State, USA – just south of  British Columbia, Canada. Participants were invited to address three questions: First round: What concerns you about isolation contributing to acts of violence, despair or suicide? Second round: What does connection mean to you? What are the beliefs, values, and principles that will cause a renewing of connection...

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Participate through thoughtful interest, questioning and listening with someone you don’t know

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As we enter the new year there are likely to be enjoyable and exhilarating experiences awaiting those who have opportunity to participate in a Conversare event. Which could happen well beyond the confines of Australia, indeed also in the USA and the UK, for starters.  And also in a range of new contexts. * (See below). With three premises in mind: .  Such events coming to be seen increasingly as a novel and valuable demonstration of what to participate can mean in practice. In this instance meaning engaging well among people who do not know each other purely to see the world – at...

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