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Conversare – a storm of recognition gathering strength

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You may be interested to learn that there are substantial developments with  Converare – Bringing conversation to life. This latter subtitle was used as the name of a nomination in the Social Category of Civic Review 2012 of the Australian Civic Trust. Essentially it means that this enterprise received high praise and widespread local recognition at an awards ceremony at Parliament House in Adelaide on Wednesday 21 November 2012. This has happened in spite of it being only ‘on the ground’ for less than a year here and with no external source of support – yet! Do have a look at  2012...

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Forthcoming (high kicking) steps with Conversare

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There are several which may interest you, particularly if you have an inkling that there is more significance to conversation that meets the eye. The one reported here is to do with the forthcoming Festival of the Arts 2013 in Adelaide. This is widely acknowledged to be the biggest and best in Australia. It is reckoned to be on a par with the Edinburgh Festival. Associated with this is Adelaide Fringe which allows any type of artist, national or international, to perform, interact and play with their audiences. See also These will take place in late February and early March next year. It happens...

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