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Conversare – simple and deep, a spiritual adventure

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It’s as simple as this:  Come along to a local, friendly public place, mix informally over drinks, be welcomed by the host who outlines brief guidelines, order food. When this is ready to be served, find someone you don’t know and have your meal with that person. Then join with another pair to share the experience. Have a wrap and go home. And it has a depth which many appreciate intuitively. For when introduced to the fact that this novel kind of socialising is now available in Adelaide the invariable response is “What an interesting idea.” Which is not surprising as...

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What Conversare more clearly is

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Conversare (from Latin: to turn or to dance together) events are for people to come together to engage in face-to-face conversation. They are about a fresh and enjoyable way of socialising in which everyone is fully included and has opportunity to interact well with all present.   These events are held in public places such as cafes, pubs, hotels and community centres. Anybody is welcome to attend and participate. There is no need to know anyone present before coming along as all who do quickly feel at ease.  Particularly if Michael Palin's 'take' on the joy of meeting new people is kept in...

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