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Bringing conversation to life

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In my recent post I indicated that a suggestion for a possible subtitle for Conversare was:                                ‘Bringing conversation to life’ And that this raised a possible alternative:                                 ‘Bringing conversation into life’ In that post I listed responses from people who had opted for the latter. Here are some who chose ‘to life’ or were ambivalent. Or who added ‘insightful’ extensions. For ‘to life’: The first. Several meanings, all apposite. Nadia I've rolled each phrase around in my head a number of times.  I find that I land, solidly, in a state of...

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Bringing conversation in or into life

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I sent a note to people who have expressed interest in Conversare events held in Adelaide, to pose a quandary and request their opinion. “We are said to be losing the art of conversation. It is dying in a hell's kitchen of mobile phones, BlackBerrys, iPods, emails, soundbites, chatshows and drinks parties. There it joins other civilities regularly pronounced dead, such as well-mannered teenagers, the tomato and the novel. Nowadays no one converses. People shout and text.” Simon Jenkins Not true, in my observation. Conversing happens when the context is right. By this I mean that people engage confidently and respectfully when in places...

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On the necessity for programs to meet social needs in cities

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What with more than half of the world’s population now living in cities and this proportion on the increase there is deep concern about how to meet the social needs of urban dwellers. Among these concerns are ‘unlivable social divides among groups’ and the social isolation and associated loneliness which are pervasive in cities. Conversare is a new social technology which could contribute to alleviating these. For it is about bringing conversation into life in public places-  face-to-face conversational connecting (partly with a stranger)  in contexts co-created by social artists in which everyone engages well with others present, no matter who...

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