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The Conversare host as social artist

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In our modern, complex, and often quite fragmented lives there is little opportunity to connect through satisfying conversations other than with people we already know. Conversare is an experiment to explore what can happen when people who may be strangers come together to do this in public places in the hands of a host. What is the role of the host? To examine this we need to bear in mind the nature and purpose of these gatherings. These are to co-create the context in which all present have rich, lively and enjoyable conversations, primarily with at least one person they do not...

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On encounters with strangers

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  Excerpt from: Michael Palin interviewed by Michael Cathcart on Books + (Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 7 July 2012 Michael Palin is perhaps best known for his role in ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ and for his many travel documentaries to far flung places.  In this excerpt from a recent radio interview he describes his 'open spirited'  approach to engaging with strangers and the often unexpected rewards this can bring. Michael Cathcart: “ …I guess that’s the feeling I get when I watch you travelling, because there are so many people who want us to think that the world as a dangerous place. You...

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