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What’s in it for participants?

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Conversare is for people who wish to open up their lives. People who recognise that these novel events are an exciting and intriguing way of doing this, whatever their stage of life. What can happen when you come along to a social gathering in a public place for the specific purpose of having conversation? An event in which you may or may not know anyone present and in which the core activity is talking with one person who you have not met previously. Does this sound risky to you? While it might at first sight you no doubt appreciate that there is...

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Socialising which complements and counterbalances social media

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Conversare bubbles along at the Whitmore pub in the city of Adelaide on the last Monday of the month. The next event is on 25th June, 2012. ( I would add for readers outside of Australia and the UK that another term for this kind of establishment is ‘bar’). See and With participants continuing to report that they had lively and highly satisfying  experiencing. Here are two such testimonials: “I recently had the pleasure of attending an evening of ‘conversare’. It was held at the Whitmore Hotel’, which was delightful in its own right, combined with the input of the Publican, Peter,...

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