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Being in a conversing community

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We hear the word ‘community’ used a lot these days without being clear what the users have in mind.  With the term ‘conversing community’ I suggest that, through being a participant in a Conversare gathering (which lasts for about three hours), you feel you are among like minded others. And are accepted for who you are, no matter if you have not met any of the others previously. If you do encounter anyone present subsequently your mutual experience of being in this 'conversational community' will make for a good connection. Can you think of other contexts of informal mixing from which...

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Stepping into a generous little haven of old fashioned goodwill

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The title here comes from this comment: "The mood [in the new pastry shop in my neighbourhood] among the customers was unusually good humoured. As I stood there, enjoying the pastry smells and the friendliness of the place, I felt that I had stepped into a generous little haven of old fashioned good will." From a radio interview with the author of 'Love Song', a novel by Australian writer Alex Miller For this captures nicely the ambience which is co-created by the host and participants in Conversare gatherings. The purpose of these is to provide opportunity for anyone who wishes to join in to...

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