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Conversing in churches

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Isn’t it fascinating that we start to take notice of something when we hear of it from different sources? This has happened to me in regard to people saying how isolated they feel when attending church services. I had heard this said a couple of times during the past few months. One was from a friend who reported, very poignantly, that she had given up going to a church close to where she lives as she did not feel welcomed nor was there any opportunity to get to know people in the congregation. Another was from a person who left a country...

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Context and convening

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Where are the contexts in which we have opportunity to engage in rich, wholesome conversations with people we may not know? If such experiencing is important to you, where can you do this? Particularly if you enjoy meeting new people? Or wish to expand your social circle? Or see value in improving your communication skills? My sense and likely yours too is that such contexts are not easy to find.  Which gives rise to the notions that conversation is a dying art, that digital technology leads increasingly to insubstantial connecting and that many people no longer have the ability to listen carefully....

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