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Invitation to a forthcoming event

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Welcome! Please come in, knowing that you are one of the right people to do so. Wander wherever you please knowing too that there are thoughts and ideas here which could set your pulses racing. <smile> Have you ever thought of being invited to join in a gathering, in a public place such as a restaurant or a pub, in which the purpose was purely to have lively conversations with people you may not ever have met? No matter who you are? This is what a friend commented about the first of such events: "great concept indeed ... think you just hit it right...

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Moving right along

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To all those who have been asking:  “When will Conversare gatherings  resume?” you can rest assured that this is not long off. <smile> With several innovations to make it simpler, easier to access, shorter in duration, a diversity of venues, different times in the week and likely a deep and memorable experience. And with the strong possibility that the gatherings will soon be held in more Asia Pacific countries - already taking hold in Indonesia. These innovations have arisen through reflections during the recent Festive Season holiday on: . what has been experienced and accomplished to date . insights into the nature of the enterprise...

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