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Open up your life through initiating conversation – a radio interview on 16 Nov 2010

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This may appeal to you. I was interviewed recently for a new internet radio by  Danny Moorjani, the brilliant person who got it going. This was a rare treat and pleasure. (It can be heard world wide at See below for broadcast  time of the interview). This is about Conversare events happening in Hong Kong on 19 Nov 2010 - and beyond.  For bookings see opposite. Which is likely to be ‘rare treat and a pleasure’ for those who come along. <smile> Knowing that this 'good fun', light-hearted, non- threatening, non-status, very respectful way of socialising is to do with relating better  to people we...

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Experiencing Conversare

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Recently I ‘bumped into’ a person who had studied at the same institution as I did in England, at different times and in different fields. We had met once before when we were facilitators at an event featuring ex President Bill Clinton here a couple of years ago. Since then she has been on the list of invitees to Conversare events but she has not ever come along or responded in any way.  She said to me  “I do see the invitations but have not understood what these gatherings are about.” Which prompts me to give another brief description both for...

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