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Invitation to Conversare at Cafe Zambra on 29 Oct 2010

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Conversare is a social gathering for you if you enjoy meeting lively people purely for the joy of  doing so. Who knows you may make new friends and sharpen your people skills? Whatever happens you are likely to have an enjoyable experience & good fun. Among the activities are a shared meal, small group conversations, singing and circle dancing. Nothing is asked of you except that you contribute to the success of the event through giving of yourself. Anyone is welcome to attend. While the events will be conducted in English, people who have other first languages and who can...

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More good news

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We have just completed arrangements to resume offering Conversare events at the wonderful venue where the enterprise started last year.  This is a truly remarkable place for local Chinese people to meet well with people from other nationalities. This is Café Zambra in Wanchai, renowned for serving the finest coffee in Hong Kong.  Plus their salads and their confectionary  – oh their cakes! – are unbelievable. The management at Café Zambra recognises  that having Conversare events in their delightful upstairs room is a way of attracting lively people of all backgrounds,  first languages, age, gender, religion – no matter what - so...

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Report on a recent Conversare event

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A friend from Seattle wrote just before our recent event on 15 Oct 2010: Have a wonderful Conversare with whoever shows up, knowing that they will be the right people. I was on a conference call which I facilitated two weeks ago. The three of us on the call shared good reflections and were ready to sign off early when another caller joined us--a very upset woman who really needed someone to talk with. We were very glad we had not hung up the phone. You just never know when what you offer may be exactly what someone else needs! Joelle To which I...

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Conversare Ingredients Part 2

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“Sometimes I ponder deeply about "Conversare" which is re-introducing the sheer joy of just being together to share, to laugh, to eat, to sing and to dance.  No chores, no big problems, no strategy, no planned outcomes -- just lots of intimate togetherness from which compassion, friendship, love and community emerge…” How’s that for a recent affirming statement to me from Suzanne who has previously added her comments on the blog. And this comment from Mike: “I loved the quote from Thoreau… “The greatest compliment that was ever paid to me was when one asked me what I thought, and attended to my...

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News item

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You may be interested to learn that Conversare is now being brought to the attention of the citizens of Hong Kong – at  least one part of it – in a new and totally unexpected way. This is through the offices of the BMSE (Body, Mind, Spirit and Environment) Centre in Discovery Bay on Lantau Island, which is located very close to Wellcome in north Sienna. They produce an attractive booklet every three months about the activities of the Centre.  I was aware of this but had no thought of it when a friend suggested that I approach this place about a...

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