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The beginning of a Conversare event

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OK what happens in a Conversare event? People engage well with each other in diverse ways to have rich, enjoyable and memorable encounters. Here is more on what has been evolving at the particular venue where these events have been held to date. This is Café Zambra, a most delightful café in Wan Chai in Hong Kong. More on this place later. This post deals with the beginning of an event. The starting point is meeting informally as a group as people arrive. Each person is invited to fill out a name tag, usually just their first name – or whatever they wish...

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Experiencing Conversare

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Does it seem strange to you for gatherings to be held purely for the enjoyments of the company of those present, some or many of whom may initially be strangers? At first glance it may well seem an odd thing to do, and particularly in Hong Kong which is renowned for being a ‘busy’ place. Nonetheless something is going on which indicates that those who come along are having experiences which resonate deeply with them. The evidence for this comes from their testimonials and from the fact that many of the previous participants keep coming back for more. There are diverse possible reasons...

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